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An Introduction To Chinese Numerology

The craft of Chinese numerology has been with us for 4,000 years or more. It is said that, the would be Emperor, Wu of Hsia, found an intriguing tortoise shell as he was walking across the lands of China.

The would be Emperor was contemplating on how to solve the flooding phenomena that occurred each and every year on his lands, when the long rainy season came.

The intriguing part of the tortoise shell to Wu, was the fact that there was a perfect square naturally grown into the shell, with subsections showing the numbers 1 to 9 inscribed into it.

Wu regarded this to be a sign from God. He vowed to study it, for however long it took, to see how this accidental find, and gift from God, could be relevant to mankind. It was from this day forward, it is said, that Chinese Numerology was born.

Chinese Numerology - Lo Shu Grid


Each number within the Lo Shu square grid represents a certain type of personality. They are represented as follows:

The number 1 represents individuals that have a difficult time verbally communicating their deepest feelings and to people who find it difficult to see the opposing point of view of others.

The number 2 represents individuals that are impatient and find it easy to communicate their mistakes to both themselves and to others. The number 2 has a yin or feminine energy, but also a duality that demonstrates the true nature of the world and the universe at large.

The number 3 in the Lo Shu grid of Chinese numerology is associated with childbirth. It speaks to the continuation of family lineage. The evolutionary nature of life and metamorphosis is also exemplified.

The number 4 stands as a symbol of fairness, stability and reason. It represents the certainty and nature of the universe.

The number 5 is symbolic of optimism, enthusiasm, good luck, fortune and a sense of fun. The number 5 is often used as the marker for repetition. The Chinese believe that by doing things in repetitions of 5 they will get the best results in whatever they are trying to achieve.

The number 6 in the Lo Shun grid is all about expansion and living a long life. It is symbolic of the eternal nature of things and the cyclical nature of time, the seasons, civilization and much more.

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The number 7 is all about perfection and completion. It represents the timing of things, for example; the celebration of various festivals on the 7th of any month, the seven days of the week, the 7th day of the week.

It also represents the concept that everything has its own timing in the grander scheme in the procession of life.

The number 8 is about inclusion and certainty. It’s about the spiritual nature of all things in life. If you see the number 8, it may provide you with the thought, the idea, the very real feeling that anything and everything is possible. The universe is there for you to receive what you genuinely desire of it.

The number 9 symbolizes the omnipotent, the creator of all that is and one that has the answer to all of life’s questions.

In China, it is not uncommon for the 9th room/apartment in a building block to be left empty. It is believed by some that the 9th of everything should be dedicated to the omnipotent creator of all.

Although technically 0 (zero) is not a number, a zero symbolizes the limitlessness of space, the void we know as, the universe. Limitless possibilities and potential is represented by the 0 (zero).

It represents something that has not yet been manifested but is waiting to be. It cannot be defined and yet it is already there.

In Conclusion

The Chinese use their form of numerology on a daily basis. They refer to it to help them make the right decisions in life, personal and business relationships, business dealings and all things relevant to their hearts desire. It is somewhat of a strong belief system. Those that truly believe, reap the rewards, as they say.

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