How To Learn Numerology

Learn Numerology

Beginners Guide To Learn Numerology

Numerology is a belief based system, that understands to have a direct correlations to all matters concerning nature & divinity.

It’s a complex and deep topic, however, it is not so complex that people cannot not learn numerology or come to understand it over time.

In essence, it is a simple process mastering the basic mathematics and gaining an understanding of each vibrational expression.

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Learn Numerology Calculations

Whether you are trying to do name numerology or birth date calculations, you will need to be highly familiar with the Number & Letter correlation.

This is mapped out in the simple chart below. It will be an important tool for you to learn numerology calculations from in order to make your numerology calculations quickly and accurately.


The above table will also be used when evaluating the vibrational power of a birth name. Each numerology calculation will look like the following examples:

For example, The Name: Alley Rose Good

A = 1                R = 9               G = 7

L = 3                O = 6               O = 6

L = 3                S = 1                O = 6

E = 5                E = 5                D = 4

Y = 7

Alley (1+3+3+5+7) = 19 (two digit rule) 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

Rose (9+6+1+5) = 21 (two digit rule) 2+1 = 3

Good (7+6+6+4) = 23 (two digit rule) 2+3 = 5

Life Path 9 = 1 (First) + 3 (Middle) + 5 (Last)

Date of Birth calculations, often referred to as Life Path Numbers, are evaluated in the same way as a name, with the exception of having to find the letter to number aspect.

Vibrational Numbers Broken Down

In all, there are a total of 11 vibrational numbers; 1 through 9, 11 & 22. Each has different characteristics with their qualities being expressed, in most cases, as under or over balanced.


Leaders in society or business often have the Life Path No. 1 and are often the most independent and determined vibrational expressions in numerology.


Sensitive and diplomatic. Twos are often known as the peacemakers.


Vibrational number three yields a high expression of emotion and can be masters of it. They’re generally happy, creative and imaginative.


Four is the practical vibration of the bunch. They believe that only hard-work and determination will help them achieve their. They are organized and efficient.


Freedom is the word most associated with five. In a flexible environment this vibrational number will thrive especially when they’re allowed to spread their wings.


Love and humility is the characteristic of a number six. Domesticated and harmonious are their traits.


In the search of truth and understanding, the number Seven will certainly be found. They are analytical perfectionists.


Eights are powerful and authoritative, They’re goal-driven and skilfully play the game. Great positions of power are often held by Eights.


Nine is the vibrational expression of universal love. They value generosity, devotion & acceptance.


11 is illuminated and often takes on the characteristics of a two. They have a divine-like presence, worldly and aware.


Twenty-twos are ‘master builders’ and have all the same capabilities of a four. A twenty-two can attain the unimaginable. They are gifted, ingenious and innovative.

Learning numerology can be great fun and can give some great insights into names, words & dates etc. Anyone can learn numerology provided they master the basics and build upon their learning. Try it!

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