Name Numerology In Brief

Name Numerology

The Secrets Of Name Numerology Revealed

Numerology is divination that is literally thousands of years old. Different cultures have added various aspects to the numerological mix over the millennia as well as different philosophies and understandings.

All these additions have helped numerology calculations, interpretations and readings to be ever more accurate. One area of numerology we will be looking at here, in this article, is name numerology.

|Name Numerology

If you were to ask advice from a numerologist, the first thing they would ask you for, is your name. This is due to the fact that the letters in your name carry a numerical energetic value.

Once this value, or energetic vibration is known, the numerologist can make the first steps to understanding your life path and all that it contains.

In numerology, you take the your full name in its entirety and assign numeric values to it, in accordance with the numerological chart.

Once the corresponding numeric values of each letter of your name are revealed, they are reduced until they either reduce to a single digit number or to a master number. These reduced numbers, become your Life Path number(s)

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Name Numerology Life Path Numbers

Your destiny is in the numbers. Your life path number is a number that holds a vibrational energy that all people of the same life path number, generally speaking, will follow, consciously or unconsciously. It can also give a good insight into ones own personality.

Knowing the characteristics and traits of your life path number will allow you to work towards a full life that you are best suited to. A life Path number is unique, and no one posses more than one of them.

Life Path Number Meanings

If your life path number is 1, you are an independent individual destined to lead. You may never take the opportunity to lead, but you have the ability and traits to do it successfully. It is up to you to live your destiny. You are able to initiate action easily, being original and pioneering wherever possible.

If your life path number is 2, you are a co-operative, adaptable and have the innate ability to see a point of view from both sides of an issue.

A life path number of a 3 suggests that you are good at expressing yourself. Your ideas are easily verbalised and give you the ability to bring people a long with your ideas and enthusiasm.

If you are a 4, then you will be a person that values order, security and the correct way of doing things. You are structured and value the virtues of loyalty.

Name Numerology

If your life path number is 5, you are a sociable character full of dynamism and adventure. You crave freedom and are always looking to chart your own path in life.

If you are a 6, you are a family orientated type individual and like to be surrounded by them, and your children. In some ways, you need the ‘family’.

You find it easy to and natural to be a nurturer and can be a fierce protector of all things you love. A ‘6’ can also be very community oriented. It is in your destiny to help others, comfort them in need and help to lift their spirits.

A life path number 7, makes you a mysterious individual. You are analytical, thoughtful and are happy in your own company. Solitude can be your happy place. Often, teachers, scientists, writers and mystics have a number 7 life path number.

If you are an 8, generally speaking, you are materialistic. You care a lot about achieving success and status. Although leaning more towards the world of materialism you are firmly set in reality and have the ability to be extremely practical.

A life path number 9, leads you to be a loving, compassionate, selfless, helpful & creative individual

How Name Numerology Can Help You

Name numerology is not an exact or perfect science. However, when used in conjunction with other types of self-knowledge, it will allow you to open up to all that is possible in your life.

It can help communicate the best way of understanding your own life path and what steps you can take, to make valuable changes, that can help you lead a much more full and happy life.

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