The Numerology Meaning Of 555

The meaning of 555 numerology

The Meaning Of 555 Numerology

Seeing 555?

Are you aware that you’re seeing 555 through your normal daily life? You might be seeing it on a clock when you glance at it, 5:55 or maybe you wake up at 5:55. If you are, then the number 555 is trying to reach out to you.

You will find out in this article what the meaning of 555 is to you…

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Seeing repeating numbers, triple digit or otherwise, is never a coincidence, it’s a form of synchronicity.

It’s the universes way of telling or signalling to you that you’re in sync or getting more in sync with your true and higher self. It’s a sign that your life is in a ‘shift’, and changes are ahead.

Your path is never revealed to you in one ‘drop’. It takes a series of steps. Those sensitive to these steps will benefit immensely. These signals are sent to you in the form of repeating numbers, to get your attention.

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In times of seeing repeating numbers, it is important to pay attention to your own intuition. Often, at these times, your intuition is heightened, it’s on another level, and you are encouraged to follow it.

You are never alone on your journey when you are getting in-sync. Sometimes objects may appear in your life randomly, such as feathers and coins. These are subtle messages from higher energies that you are on the right path.

Seeing 555 – The meaning of 555 can take on many forms for different reasons. In essence, seeing 555 signals that you are entering into a time of significant change.

Divine timing will put new positive events and circumstances in your path. If you stay aware, these events and circumstances will positively guide you towards your life purpose.

Reasons For Seeing 555 – It is important to understand that if you are seeing the number 555, it might be for a variety of positive reasons.

However, when you come to understand the most common reasons for seeing these repeating numbers, one will always stick out and resonate with you. It will be something you will instantly recognise.

Seeing Numerology Number 555

555 Numerology Meaning No. 1

A Divine Being

Angelically speaking, seeing 555 is a reminder that you are a divine and infinite being. You chose to be upon this earth to experience life in the material human form. You are here to learn, but to also bathe in the beauty of this reality.

We are all co-creators with the Universal Source. What is here, is here from the start. How we proceed in life, by our actions and thoughts, is how we can change our reality and life meaning, both metaphysically and physically.

Be under no illusion, your life has meaning and is significant within both the collective of humanity, and also as an individual. We are all ‘cogs’ playing our part in a bigger picture.

How we live our lives through our actions and thoughts, impacts on how the fabric of this reality vibrates and maintains its form.

Seeing 555 Numerology and the meaning of 555

Divinity Runs Through The Number 555

CHRIST – Jesus Christ, in numerology, is represented by the number 555. The name Jesus consists of 5 letters.  Christ consists of 6.

Jesus, in numerology, adds up to 27, and Christ, 32.

The full name of Jesus Christ, in numerology, is reduced as follows:

  • 27+32 = 59
  • 5+9 = 14
  • 1+4 = 5

(Learn the basics of numerology here)

In the reported miracles of Jesus, Jesus fed the 5 thousand, with 5 loaves of bread and 5 fish (555).

Towards the end of Christs life, he received 5 wounds on the cross. In numerology, 555 represents grace and redemption.

UNITY – 555 is the number of unity and of the Christ. Consciousness in unity is a tremendously powerful force. Thinking and living in a manner that creates positive change is a way to collectively unite mankind. It can be the basis to make the world a better place for all.

CREATION – 555 is powerful. It represents and symbolises the wholeness of Creation in the human form. We have 5 fingers of each hand, 5 toes on each foot, and 5 physical senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight). 

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555 Numerology Meaning No. 2

A Major Change Is On The Horizon

Prepare yourself, a major shift is coming that is likely to change your life path’s direction. The shift and it’s impact on your life will be great, but may also be testing.

In any event, it is not what happens to you that defines who you are, it is what you make of the opportunity. If you’re seeing the number 555 then what is coming your way, might just be the answer to your prayers.

Every experience in life can be beneficial. It is how you approach and navigate that experience that depicts the final outcome. Be strong in thought, trust your intuition and do not be afraid to ask for direct guidance. It will come to those that ask and believe.

Opportunities can manifest themselves at the strangest of times. When this happens to you, it is an invitation to examine yourself.

Take a short pause and think on what is before you:

  • What is it that you are being told, or shown?  
  • Is there a lesson to be learned?  
  • What is the Universe trying to tell you?

When you approach seeing 555 with questions, like with any repeating numbers, answers will come to you.

REMEMBER – Look at every experience as an opportunity.  Every change in your life, when ‘in-sync’, is for your own benefit.  

Everything in life happens for you, not to you. And everything happens for a reason!

Meaning of 555 Numerology

555 Numerology Meaning No. 3

Trust The Choices Put Before You

If you’re planning a change in your life and you’re seeing 555 at the same time, seeing the number 555 predicts that the change you are planning will turn into a major one.

It can also represent a validation of the fact that the change(s) you are planning to make, are the ones best suited to you at this time of your life.

Be assured, seeing 555 is no coincidence. It is a divine message that your decision has been prompted by your higher-self and is for the positive.

At this time, you need to trust your intuition. You need to understand that whatever the changes are that you want to make your life, they will be highly beneficial to you, and for your life’s purpose.  

It is vital that you commit, and go all in. Approach with love and real intent. Do everything for the right reasons. If you do this, the Universe will rearrange itself to harmonise with your life, so that everything will work for you.

REMEMBER – 555 is the number of the Divine. Have faith, belief and knowing. Trust in your decision making through the use of your intuition and your life will unfold like you could not imagine.

555 Numerology Meaning No. 4

Remain Positive & Open To All Possibility

Remaining positive, confident, self aware and open to all possibility is the underlying meaning of 555. 

Your state of being and mindset is the most important thing when life throws you a few ‘curve balls’.

What you probably do not understand at this moment, is that you actually sent yourself these curve balls! Your state of being and mind creates your reality, oncoming circumstances and situations.

Things don’t just happen to you, you create them through your thoughts and energy. You need to pay attention to your thoughts and create a positive environment for your own well being.

You need to start to understand that your reality is created from within yourself. Everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts, your beliefs, and the emotions you hold inside.

Mind blowing stuff, but true!

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