Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 2

Personality Number 2

Personalty Number 2

Everyone’s personality is unique to themselves. It has a vast multiplex of idiosyncrasies that make up its structure. It’s a scientific fact that no two people are exactly alike. However, your personality number 2, is not unique to yourself.

There are many crossover personality traits that are shared by many.

If you have been reading through the articles on this website, you will have come to realise that number have a large impact on our lives.

( If you have not read the article on Learning Numerology, please take a quick look now ).

Personality number 2 is mainly governed by the moon, but is also influenced by some of the feminine attributes of the sun. The number 2 signifies duality with diplomacy being at its heart.

Personality number 2

Positive Attributes Of Personality Number 2

Number 2s bring with them a sense of balance to any situation. They easily see both sides of an issue and are able to navigate harmonious resolutions.

Bickering and quarrelling is very unsettling to a number 2, so their priorities is always to calm a situation making them great mediators.

They are very understanding trait like no other and not only make good mediators but also, diplomats.

They understanding and intuitive by nature and when people seek honest advice, they often seek out a number 2 personality.

It is not uncommon for a number 2 to have a philosophical outlook.

People are naturally drawn to a number 2, and are well liked. In relationships, be they be general acquaintances, friends or family, they are considered to be an asset.

Being enormously tactful in their dealings with people, from all walks of life, they are seen to be caring and loving, and this is often to the detriment of themselves.

Negative Attributes Of Personality Number 2

Although the positive attributes of a number 2 could be considered virtuous to many, the negative side of their personality can be quite surprising.

FEAR – The number 2 personality type can often suffer from a lot of anxiety and fear. They have a fear of making mistakes and of being alone.

ANXIETY – Decision making for a number 2, with low levels of confidence, can be very difficult, and in certain circumstances, their anxiety can lead them to become physically ill.

INDECISION – They must overcome indecisiveness and doubt to fully succeed in life.

EXPLOITATION – Often times, they can be very submissive, especially if they have low self-esteem. In this regard, they can easily be exploited.

PESSIMISM – Number 2s are often quite negative people and can be very pessimistic. 

It is the smaller things in life that have a larger impact on a number 2, and therefore they must be self aware not to let small issues overwhelm and negatively effect them.

LAZY – A number 2 has a tendency towards laziness and this stops them from realizing their full potential. It also leads to a lack of wealth throughout their life.

They have an innate inability to undertake routine work and must therefore learn to back their own creativity with a solid work ethic, to succeed.

ILLNESS – Stomach and digestive issues is common with number 2’s. These can be related to their tenancy to suffer from anxiety and a nervous disposition, when making decisions.

A knock on effect to this, is that it tends to lead to further nervous system issues and in many cases, insomnia.

Personality Number 2


A number 2 possessing and that have a positive bias to their traits, make great mediators and diplomats.

They also thrive in all areas requiring creativity and a sense of balance.

They generally do very well creative type careers such as; The arts, writing, poetry, or plays.


Numerology number 2 personalities seek equilibrium, balance and peace in all things they pursue.

They are great mediators and do well in resolving problems, but they must learn to put themselves first when making decisions, rather than decisions in the best interests of others.

They must also learn to be level headed when faced with imbalance, and to stick to the decisions they have made.

Creativity runs through the veins of the personality number 2. Mix the creativity, anxiety and fear traits of a number 2 together, and it is not surprising that number 2’s can sometimes be the stereotypical ‘drama queen’.

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