Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 3

Personality Number 3

Personality Number 3

We are all influenced by specific personality numbers. If yours is personality number 3, then your creative side will be the lead in your life.

Other number types will also have an influence on your life but, by and large, it’s your personality number that is most influential.

Personality numbers 1 & 2 are considered the Father and Mother, whilst the Number 3 personality, is seen as the extremely gifted and creative child.

Personality Number 3

Positive Attributes Of The Number 3

FUN & WITTY – Number 3s are quick witted, charming and fun to be around. They have excellent social skills and are generally the life of the party.

WISE – Number 3’s are wise and intellectual people that have a thirst for knowledge in all areas.

AMBITIOUS – 3’s are very pragmatic, confident and ambitious and their career paths often reflect such traits.

Being pragmatic and confident enables them to carry out instructions and plans in a disciplined and enthusiastic manner.

INFLUENTIAL – Often, number 3’s will create great possibilities not just for themselves, but also for others around them.

MATURITY – Number 3’s mature fast and are able to secure financial freedom quickly through their disciplined efforts.

Negative Attributes Of The Number 3

MOTIVATION – Number 3s do not take well to junior or subordinate roles. They feel wasted in such roles and tend not to excel. They always wish to take the lead, which can lead them into difficulties.

OVERBEARING – 3’s look for power and will confidently take control in most situations they find themselves in. This can lead others to believe them to be overbearing at times.

PROCRASTINATION – There is a level of indifference on the negative side of a number 3, mixed with a difficulty to concentrate.

Such a mix generally leads to an inability to succeed or to cause them to perpetually procrastinate.

JEALOUSY – In personal relationships, number 3’s can bear a high degree of jealousy, whether that be from their partners success or social standing.

LUCK – 3’s can go through long runs of luck streaks. However, this luck does not tend to lift them for long because a 3 tends not to build on that luck/success, or underpin it with any type of discipline or effort to carry the ‘luck’ through to the next level.

Number 3 Career Paths

On the positive side, personality number 3’s are driven. They are driven to succeed to the highest levels of their discipline and are likely to achieve the top leading positions in their careers.

Careers in which a personality number 3 will excel and find happiness can include:

  • Politics and public office
  • Banking and advertising
  • Military in positions of high rank
  • Medicine


If personality number 3 rules your life then you are a very intelligent and pragmatic individual. Success is in your hands and your achievements can be great.

To ensure success, number 3’s must learn to handle subordinate roles in their careers until they can break through to higher levels of ‘power’.

The leadership qualities of a 3 are high and their careers can be quickly accelerated if they use their confidence, pragmatism and ambition well.

Push too hard, too soon however, and people will be turned off by your ability to be a little too overbearing. Balance is needed!

Number 3’s should use their quick wit, humour and charm to help balance and counteract their overbearing tendencies.

It is the negative traits of personality number 3 that need to be kept in check in order to become more successful.

Personality Number 3

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