Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 4

Personality Number 4

Personality Number 4

As you’ll be aware, numbers have a governing influence with regards our personality traits and general attributes. Personality number 4 is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Number 4’s are seen as ‘foundational’ characters. They thrive on home life and the family. Work and productivity holds a big significance for in the life of a number 4 personality.

Positive Attributes Of The Number 4

The Consummate Worker – The number 4 personality makes for the perfect employee. They pay tremendous attention to detail and have an uncanny ability to complete work under budget (where there is one) and to complete projects on time and in a timely manner.

Trustworthy – Personality number 4 is totally trustworthy and is seen by others to be a reliable character.

Understated – Notoriety and attention is not a priority for number 4 personalities. They do not like to draw attention to themselves and tend to wear earth type colour tones and cleverly understated clothing.

Socially aware – Although number 4’s are somewhat introverted, they are social creatures. However, their preference is to be judged based on their work rather than their appearance.

Values – Traditional values are held by number 4’s. They thrive on order. Chaos is not their world. 4’s will organise and create systems in both personal and work life.

Leaders – Personality number 4 make solid leaders. They believe that success can comes through diligence and hard work. The goal of a number 4 is to bring order to not only their own lives but also to those that surround them.

Fate – Although the number 4 personality likes to be in control, diligent and organised, the number 4 is in fact, the number of fate. This means that so many things happen in the life of number 4 that they actually have no control over whatsoever. They just appear to be in control!

Personality Number 4

Negative Attributes Of The Number 4

Sceptical – The numerology personality number 4 has a distinctly strong distrust of the unknown. Due to this trait, and the fact that they lack the willingness to embrace change, they often miss out on opportunities that would excel in.

Stubborn – Number 4’s will not be hurried in terms of their work. They need to work through a methodically process. Any divergence from this will render a number 4 unfulfilled.

Overbearing – Personality number 4 have a tendency to not only ask too much of themselves, but almost demand it of others. Their ways are quite rigid and they often do not understand why others cannot fit into their view of both work and life.

Head Strong – Something that number 4 personalities hate most, is being told what to do. They are very headstrong individuals.

Hostile – A number 4 can become quite belligerent and argumentative if anyone chooses to challenge them. When pushed too far, they become hostile. They will not tolerate values and beliefs contrary to their own.

Stressed – Number 4 personalities often suffer from anxiety attacks, especially if they lose control of a situation. They need to learn to handle stress a lot better to become truly successful.

Career Paths

The type of work that a personality number 4 thrives on is one that makes them recognized for their work. Reward for hard work is something that will help a number 4 flourish.

This type of reward is often received in smaller type firms and 4’s love it. They are a big fish in a small pond.

Due to their personality traits number 4’s fair better in positions with a repetitive schedule. Ones where their attention to detail can be put to the test.

Careers perfect for the number 4 personalty:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Financial services
  • Scientists and Engineers or Building Contractors.

These fields allow them and their work to shine, stand out and to be rewarded.


The numerology personality number 4 is traditional. They are people that prefer to be noticed for their work. They can be, and often are, difficult to get along with, especially if your values disagree with theirs.

Number 4’s make great employees and are company minded. If only they could embrace change with positively, and be a bit more flexible, they could become even more successful in life.

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