Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 5

Personality Number 5

Personality Number 5

Numbers have a governing influence with regards our personality traits and general attributes. ‘Adventure’ is the overriding characteristic of the numerology personality number 5.

Personality numbers govern each of us, and hold a specific set of challenges that we must deal with and overcome. They also have specifically strong attributes that offer balance and choice.

Each of us have a complex mix of numbers that contribute to our make up. However, there is always one number that is the stand out controlling factor in our lives.

Personality number 5 is ruled by Jupiter and is the number of adventure.

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Positive Personality Traits

Freedom – Personality number 5 enjoy a lot of freedom. They are quintessential adventurers. Their life is one long, ongoing adventure. They’re curious people who thrive on change and like to keep moving.

Adaptable – 5’s are amazingly adaptable and because of their approach to life, they are able to exploit the most out of every opportunity that is presented to them.

Leaders – Those that surround a personality like number 5 see them as strong and successful individuals. Because of the number 5’s innate confidence, others tend to listen and follow them.

Outgoing – The personality number 5 is a great self-promoter. The image they project often attracts opportunities for success, rather than them having to find it.

Sociable – Socially aware and outgoing, in all situations, personality number 5 tends to brighten every social gathering. Their dress code is fashionable choosing bright colours to match their personality and state of being.

Charismatic – Charisma oozes from a number 5 personality. They are upbeat and optimistic, and draw others to them draws others to them easily.

Negative Personality Traits

Reckless – Number 5 personalities would do well to learn some self restraint. They can be reckless in their personal choices and way of life. They have a tendency to over indulge in stimulating their senses, be it through sex, food, alcohol or drugs. 

Resentful – Number 5’s resent any type of restrictions being placed upon them. They would do well exercise some self control.

Restless – A number 5 personality is prone to being rash. They have a tendency to be inconsistent and restless. A side effect of this trait is that they will sometimes take their love of fun to an irresponsible level.

Shallow – 5’s love to learn, but their learning can be quite shallow and surface deep. They learn to a level that satisfies their curiosity and very little more. If the personality number 5 where to dig a little deeper into their learning they would become quite formidable characters.

Nonconforming – Unfortunately for number 5’s, because of their love for fun and change, and their need for constant movement, long term relationships are almost impossible to deal with.

Noncommittal – A number 5 will leave behind them a string of broken hearts. To escape this trait, honesty should be at the forefront of their personal relationships.

A Number 5 Career Path

Work is secondary to a number 5’s life. Work is merely an ends to a means for them, that allows them to enjoy their adventurous lifestyle.

5’s will change jobs frequently as they have little to no loyalty to any employer. Dull and boring jobs are not for a number 5. They need jobs that interest them, possibly fast paced, or that are compatible with their hobbies and personal interests.

Possible employment options for a number 5:

  • Self-employment
  • Sales and advertising
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Travel
  • The Outdoors


The persona of a number 5 personality is fun-loving and they live of the party. This will draw them into many social circles but their personal relationships often suffer.

The personality of a number oozes charisma but with it comes a distinct inability to commit to long term relationships.

If 5’s were just able to curb their urges for the new ‘shiny thing’ and immediate satisfaction then it might be possible, with a great big heap of self discipline, to keep hold of their successes and long term relationships.

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