Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 6

Numerology Personality Number 6

Personality Number 6

Numerology is the study of numbers and how they affect people throughout their lives and life journey. The personality number 6 has an overriding character trait, that of being ‘grounded’.

Number 6 personalities are nurturing. 6 is known as the ‘Mother’ number.

Everyone is affected by more than one number, however, they are always guided by one particular that governs their interactions and situations in life.

The make up of personality number 6 is biased towards nurturing. It is based on loving and being loved.

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Positive Personality Traits

Caring & Loving – Numerology personality number 6 loves and cares for people. They are born caregivers, concerned with humanity and peaceful outcomes.

Number 6’s are known for their warmth and giving nature.  They are happiest in familiar surroundings, enjoying home, family and harmony.

Helpful – 6’s can be artistic in nature and are very happy to teach and help others. They are a beacon to those in need of some comfort.

Selfless – Personalty number 6 is a selfless character and will go to great lengths to ensure the peace and happiness of others.

Level-headed – The number 6 personality is level-headed. They take their responsibilities seriously and in their stride.

Patient – If patience is a virtue, then the number 6 has it in abundance. This is especially seen when working toward a goal.

Happy Souls – Number 6’s are happiest when they are helping others, whether that be; righting a perceived wrong, fixing things or helping to get a sick friend well.

Numerology Personality Number 6

Negative Personality Traits

Self Righteous – There is a tendency for the number 6 type personality to be self-righteous.

Superiority Complex – Personality number 6 are prone to exhibiting a superiority complex. They can sometimes project a level of status that they have yet to reach, in the belief that they have.

Limiting Vision – A number 6 is likely to subscribe to an organized belief system that limits their vision.  They have a difficulty to ‘think outside the box’, which limits their growth and sometimes relationships.

Selfless – A number 6 will give you the shirt off their back. They are generous to a fault, and often to the detriment of their own welfare.

Easily Exploited – 6’s can attract disadvantaged people due to their caring, giving and kind nature. They are often taken advantage of and exploited without realising it.

Low Self Awareness – Number 6’s rarely take their own welfare into account when interacting with others. In their unbridled desire to keep harmony, others can see it as an opportunity. This can lead to exploitation.

Financially Challenged – Financial matters are not a strong point for personality number 6. They will neither accept nor understand that they area of finance is beyond their comprehension.

Stress – 6’s will tend to internalize stress to such an extent that it can make them ill.

Personality Number 6 Career path

High pressure environments are not ones that a number 6 personality will thrive in. They are sensitive creatures. They love to help and encourage others.

A number will tend to stay loyal to their employer and stick to the career path they have chosen. Fulfilment comes to a number 6, not so much from the job itself, but from working for and with other people

Possible employment options for a number 6:

  • Teaching
  • The Arts
  • Doctor, Nursing, healthcare


Personality number 6 is the most caring and nurturing of all numbers. They put others first at the expense of themselves.

6’s value harmony above all else but they must learn to care for themselves in their interactions with others.

The positive traits of a number 6 are immense, but unfortunately, their caring and understanding nature makes them prone to be exploited.

Even in the face of this exploitation, they will still fight themselves to provide comfort, that to an looker, beggars belief.

Personality Number 6

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