Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 7

Numerology Personality Number 7

Personality Number 7

Everyone’s personality is a complex mix of different numerological numbers. One number will always have an overriding influence on our lives. It will govern the major traits and attributes of a personality. Personality number 7 speaks to those that are often ‘misunderstood’.

Number 7’s have their own mind. They are free thinkers and believe in their own rationale in any situation or circumstance, rather than conforming to the general consensus of opinion.

Sometimes a number 7 personality can be seen as a mysterious and withdrawn individual. They have a strong intuition, almost psychic.

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Positive Personality Traits

Intellectual – Numerology personality number 7 is a deep thinker, deeper than most.

They see the hidden meanings rather than taking anything at face value. Things, to a number 7, are not always what they seem.

The high intellect of a number 7 is quite apparent when you are in their presence.

Confident – Probably as a result of their thought processes, deep intellect, and prowess, 7’s are often confident and strong minded people.

Good taste – 7’s have excellent taste in all aspects of life. They often have a passion for art that requires thought to appreciate its ‘message’, or a book, that to some, might be difficult to read.

Independent – Personality number 7 pride themselves in being self-sufficient and independent. They rely on no-one but themselves.

Education – The pursuit of knowledge is important to the number 7. It is a form of relaxation for them to feed their minds.

Strength – 7’s tend to be somewhat eccentric and can often be ‘loaners’, but happy loaners. Their inner strength allows them to be alone with their mind, philosophising in deep thought and contemplation.

Honourable – Number 7’s have no time for gossip, petty disagreements or backstabbing. They will remove themselves from such nonsense if they find themselves being drawn in.

Numerology Personality Number 7

Negative Personality Traits

Opinionated – Numerology personality number 7 tend to be very opinionated. They seem to know something about everything.

Others often find this annoying or intimidating when attempting to hold a conversation with a number 7.

Cold – 7’s can be quite cold-hearted at times and often fail to understand the plight of others. There appears to be little empathy on display were a 7 personality is concerned.

Cynical – Sometimes verbally abusive and often cynical, number 7’s are never likely to be the life and soul of any party.

Impatient – 7’s tire quickly in the company of lessor intellectual mortals. They believe themselves to be above disagreements and opinions of those who are ‘beneath’ them.

Self-righteous – 7’s come with a heavy dose of pride and self-righteousness.

Pessimistic – Other negative character traits of the personality number 7 are depression and pessimism.

Argumentative – They can be argumentative and can hold deep resentment towards other for long periods of time.

Reserved – Personality number 7 does not court the limelight or the attention of others. As such, their accomplishments are unfairly and often overlooked and go unnoticed.

Ill-health – 7’s are often prone to frailty, being easily susceptible to infections.

Other common ailments that a 7 could fall foul of include; gout, nervousness, and arthritis.

They also tend to have delicate and sensitive skin, often succumbing to common skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Personality Number 7 Career path

Any career that requires intellect, the use of logic and methodical thinking is strongly suited to personality number 7.

Their innate mental capacity will find them success to any of the following career paths:

  • Mathematics
  • Any of the Sciences – Physics, Chemistry and beyond
  • Academia (Arts, Literature, Education)
  • Professorship with tenure
  • Business dealings


Personality number 7 are happy to live alone, to be with their thoughts and intellect.

They are happy to be in the company of others provided that company is stimulating to them.

7’s see life differently. They look deeper and realise that everything is never as it seems.

Because of their reclusive type personality, their interactions with others can be stilted. For all the positive traits a number 7 personality has, they do not tend to transfer well in common social situations.

If the number 7 learned a little empathy, the ability to listen to others, on the presumption that they may know something that they do not, then a number 7 could socialise well on all levels.

Their relationships with others would tend to be deeper than they currently might be if they were only to listen and not become frustrated.

Success will always come to a number 7 in ‘exacting’ career types such as those mentioned above.

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