Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 8

Personality Number 8

Personality Number 8

Personality Number 8 is an interesting number. If you have followed all the personality articles listed on this site, you will have come to understand how certain numbers correlate to certain personality traits.

Our personalities evolve over time, but generally speaking, within the positive and negative traits of our overriding personality numbers.

Numerology Personality Number 8 finds a balance between work and play. Often the life and soul of a party yet lonely in many ways. A facade hiding the truth behind a number 8 personality? Let’s see…

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Positive Personality Traits

Confident – Personality number 8 is a confident and outgoing individual. They hold strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them.

Leaders – An 8 personality has the ability to take command in any situation where leadership is required, or at the very least, exact their influence.

As a leader, 8’s generally advance quickly in all areas of their lives. When they want something, they go all in.

Positive Energy – People gravitate towards an 8 personality due to their positive energy and outlook on life. They admire an 8’s motivation and passion.

Grateful – Numerology Personality Number 8 appreciates quality in all aspects of life. They will purchase the best quality that money will buy. 8’s work hard for their money and will spend it on quality as they see fit.

This is not be confused with unbridled materialism, more that, if something is to used or worn, it must be the best quality an 8’s money can buy.

Charisma – A number 8’s personality does require ‘props’ to get noticed, however, props are used by an 8 that exemplify their charisma.

8’s will be the best dressed person in the room. When an appearance is made by an 8, their presence is felt and heads turn.

Personality Number 8

Negative Personality Traits

Workaholics – Personality number 8’s are workaholics. They don’t know when to stop and take time to relax.

An 8 will put other peoples problems over their own, which can lead to unsettled personal issues. This can then lead to ill-health and depression.

Delegation – Number 8’s have a strong work ethic. They can sometimes put too much on their own plate.

They make for bad delegaters. 8’s feel that if something needs doing right, it should be done by them. They are, in many instances, too hands on.

Chaotic – An 8’s lifestyle is hectic, often chaotic, which leads them into bad habits. A busy schedule leads to bad eating habits that can lead to ill-health, as there never appears to be any balance.

Health – Health issues an 8 might have to deal with are; headaches, lethargy, ulcers, indigestion and heart disease.

Materialistic – Numerology Personality Number 8 can sometimes fall into the trap of materialism.

We discussed the positive trait for quality purchases, however, 8’s can sometimes be wildly successful, and attempt to find happiness in ‘things’.

The love of quality is lost in the search of happiness.

Stressed – An 8’s work life can be stressful. It is self-inflicted, but nonetheless their work life can drive them to drink.

A personality number 8 often finds it difficult to sleep because their minds are always racing.

There is little room for relaxation or ‘breaks’ in the life of an 8, if their work life has taken them over.

Lonely – Although an 8 personality can be outgoing and extremely popular, they can often feel incredibly lonely.

On one level they share their joy and success, but deep down it is not enough. Their success has no deep meaning to them, and they find it hard to relate these things to others.

Personality Number 8

Personality Number 8 In Career & Business


Any career that requires leadership, management or a strong personality to drive forward a project is within the realm of a number 8 personality.

8’s have an innate ability to lead and will find success to any of the following career types:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Media
  • Higher management in any focused driven industry
  • Business dealings

In Business

Personality number 8’s are not afraid to look people in the eye and tell them what you want. An 8 has the charisma to express strength and power.

Although this power and strength is admired by many, they fear getting on the wrong side of an 8. It is a tool that an 8 uses, in good judgement, to get things done.

People often turn to an 8 and an 8 personality generally handles these types of situations well. They’re not afraid to help people when it’s truly needed, whether it be friend, family or workplace colleague.

Personality number 8 has no time for laziness or any type of nonsense, and will cut through it, like a warm knife through butter. An 8’s loyalty can be relied upon as they are dependable and hard working.


A Personality Number 8 represents strength and determination. A person that knows what they want and know how to get it.

Unfortunately, an 8 can be taken over by the ‘project’ and finds little or no time to relax or take a break.

An 8 is truly generous and are caring to a fault on occasion, putting others first before themselves.

An 8 personality needs to find good balance between work and play. They need to make eating a healthy diet a priority and dedicate time to relax, unwind each and every day.

If not, then the positive traits of a personality like a number 8, will be overridden by the negative ones.

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