Numerology Persona Of Personality Number 9

Personality Number 9

Personality Number 9

Generally speaking, our personalities evolve over time. However, within reason, stay inside the parameters of the positive and negative traits of our overriding personality numbers. Numerology personality number 9 is extremely interesting.

It is one of the most controversial of all personality types. A 9 personality is both loved, admired and despised. Let’s take a closer look…

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Positive Personality Traits

Confident – A 9 personality is confident to the extreme. This whoever often appears to many to boarder on arrogance, when in fact, it’s not.

Confidence oozes in every aspect of a 9’s life, from clothing, posture and verbal communication.

This can lead to jealousy in others which renders a personality like a 9 to be the subject of negative gossip.

However, it is water off a ducks back to a 9, because they could not careless.

Forthright – A 9 type personality is not afraid to speak their mind regardless of those around them. This can go both ways. It can draw people to a 9 or against.

Respected – People tend to love the personality number 9. They respect a 9 that often as not, have many friends and admirers.

Sociable – Personality number 9 is truly sociable. They can be the center of attention and the life and soul of the party. A number 9 personality can be quite polarising. People either love them or hate them.

One thing is for sure, a number 9 will never be the quiet person sat in the corner of a room.

Aficionado’s – A 9 personality enjoys art, fashion and music in large measures. They can be aficionado’s if a subject takes their attention.

The home of a 9 will be filled with their interests, and their wardrobe will also reflect the same.

Fearless – Number 9’s are not afraid to take risks to express themselves. They have the confidence to pull it off and feel extremely comfortable in their own skins.

Personality Number 9

Negative Personality Traits

Overbearing – Personality number 9 has strong opinions and will speak their minds in any setting. They may even interject their opinions into conversations for which they were never asked.

A 9 personality, in such circumstances, can appear to be overbearing, arrogant and even offensive, which often reflects badly on their character.

Withdrawn – A number 9 can go through periods where they are aloof. They can feel out of touch with the world. A 9, when going through this type of ‘mood’ will not feel like talking or socialising. They will withdraw into their own space.

Outspoken – A 9 is an outspoken character. They will speak up, and yet, they rarely do it for themselves. A 9 believes they have the capacity to sort their own issues out and rarely call for advice.

Personality Number 9

Personality Number 9 Career Path

Any career that requires leadership, management or a strong personality and an air of flamboyancy in the workplace or project falls directly into the capabilities of a number 9 personality.

9’s have an innate ability to lead and will find success to any of the following career types:

  • Face to face Sales & Consulting
  • Marketing & Media
  • Expressive industries such as Fashion and high ticket retail
  • Higher management in any focused driven industry
  • High level business dealings
  • Entrepreneurial environment
  • Artistic endeavours – Acting, Musician


A personality number 9 is extremely intelligent and sociable. People are drawn to them, like a moth to the light. As such, a number 9 personality holds great power.

As such, they will need to learn to appreciate the people around them and to listen to their thoughts. This will enable a number 9 to overcome their negative traits by becoming a better listener and friend.

It’s OK to disagree with people but show respect for an others point of view. Embrace an empathetic stance. Agree to disagree in tense situations.

The downfall of a 9 personality is often of their own making so they need to be ‘aware’ of their own negative traits and keep them under control.

Letting some things go whilst standing for the things that really matter is the best strategy.

As a born leader, many people depend on a number 9. 9’s bring with them a special energy into the lives of others. When a 9 goes missing or withdrawn, it effects everyone around them.

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