Repeating Numbers

Repeating Numbers

Meaning Of Repeating Numbers

Seeing Repeating Numbers?

Have you ever seen repeating numbers in your daily life? Numbers that mean nothing to you at the time, but you begin to notice them more and more? If you have, this article will be of great interest to you.

Numbers, to the vast majority of people growing up, are just numbers. They’re used in everyday life without a second thought. They’re used for payment tracking, digits on a bank balance, dates, ages, and other generalities.

Generally speaking, people do not take any notice of numbers. However, sometimes, numbers come-a-knocking and show themselves as repeating numbers. They maybe appear on a clock, just as you look at it. Maybe on Till receipts, car number plates etc.

Have you ever seen repeating number sequences in your life? If you have, then intuitively your curiosity will have been triggered. All of a sudden, numbers are no longer mundane, but intriguing.

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You Are Seeing Repeating Numbers For A Reason

Number sequences that repeat are often referred to as master numbers by numerologists, the people that study and practise this phenomenon.

Reference to the term Master Numbers stems from a numerologists belief that they are used by ascended masters and other helping spirits as a way to communicate with us.

One of the most common master numbers encountered is, 1111.

If you’ve ever found yourself seeing the same repeating numbers when you look at the clock, or seem to see them routinely throughout your day, be rest assured, it is no coincidence. It’s not random and you’re not crazy!

In this article, we will answer some of your most pressing questions and reasons for seeing various types of repeating numbers. Do not be afraid. These numbers appear for a reason, and most often, to be of guidance.

Repeating Numbers In Multiples of 1

As previously noted, in numerology, the number 1111 is the most commonly seen sequence. However, that being said, the number 11 and number 111, are also seen on a regular basis.

The significance of the number 1 in numerology is extremely high, so it comes as no surprise that seeing the number 1 in sequence is very common in this day and age.

Repeating Numbers 111

The number 11 in numerology is the first of the master number sequences. It appears to many when they are at the beginning of a transformational or significant shift in experiences.

Number 11 is the universes way of letting you know that the changes that you are making or experiencing, are ones that will move you forward. If you see these experiences through, they will be for the better and may even be profoundly beneficial

The world as a whole, at this current time, is experiencing drastic shifts. Some say we are in the ‘quickening’ because time appears to be moving so fast these days, like never felt before.

Repetitive number sequences that contain repeating 1’s are beginning to become more noticeable for many. It prompts many to research its symbolism. Ask yourself why you came to this website…

The sequence of repeating 1’s are the spirits way of making it known that growth, expansion and healing, on both a collective and personal level, are incredibly important at this time.

The number of people experiencing synchronicities and personal ‘shifts’ is growing. Society continues to shift and change and so the messages in the form of numbers will increase. Those sensitive to these numbers and messages will benefit most.

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Numerology Number 1:

Symbolic of New Beginnings

Numerology number 1 encompasses a strong energy. It vibrates to the resonance of strength, courage, and a willingness and perseverance to see things through.

It symbolises the first practical steps we can take when moving towards a new path. We work with both our inner self and outer resources to create the changes we wish to make.

If you have encountered number sequences that contain the number 1, you should consider learning about The Magician archetype in the Tarot.

The first card in the Tarot Major Arcana is the Magician. Understanding this Tarot card could go a long way to giving you a practical insight into how you can work with the energy of 1 in your day to day life.

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 111?

  • Number 111 embodies the energy of both numbers, 1 & 3
  • Pay extra attention to your thoughts when you see it, because it is powerful in the realm of manifestation
  • It can attract prosperity if the appropriate actions are taken
  • Learning how to understand these potential actions will mean you having to have some understanding of numerology

Do You Keep Seeing 1111 or 11:11?

  • Numerology number 1111 embodies the energy of both numbers, 1 & 4
  • You must stay grounded when working with spiritual principals
  • A time will come when you will benefit from connecting spiritually with others
  • A balance must be struck between your spiritual and your material pursuits. Try not to favour either. Balance and awareness is key

Repeating Numbers In Multiples Of 2

In the realm of number sequences, another common recurrence for some are numbers containing the numerology number 2, such as; 22 or 222.

Number 2 Numerology

Like with any sequence of numbers, if they keep popping up, particularly in multiples, there is likely a message waiting for you.

Number 2 harnesses the feminine energies. It’s an energy that is harmonious, nurturing, and works to remind us of the need for collaboration.

The number 2 is the number of teamwork. It’s indicative of the balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. It is not possible to have the number 2 without first having the number 1.

If the number 2 keeps repeating in your life, be aware and on the lookout for opportunities that require group efforts.

The number 2 is often a sign from the spirit world that if you were to connect with others, sharing your opportunities to succeed, you will indeed succeed, or at the very least take another major step towards your goals.

Numerology Number 2:

The Number of Instinct

The number 2 opens the door to a time of deep intuition, inner knowing, and psychic perception. Listen to your inner voice and your intuition if you are looking to move forward on an opportunity. The number 2 is trying to tell you something.

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the High Priestess card corresponds directly with the number 2.

Valuable insight can be drawn from the High Priestess card with regards the vibration of the number 2 and how it can manifest and be worked into your daily life.

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Do You Keep Seeing The Number 22?

  • The energies of numbers 2 & 4 are embodied within the number 22
  • If intuitive insights are not familiar to you, you may have to learn to trust your instinct more
  • Once you learn to trust yourself more, a greater sense of stability will be felt
  • The steps you need to take may involve an element of risk, so your trust in yourself and intuition will be important to your success.

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 222?

  • The energies of numbers 2 & 6 are embodied within the number 222
  • You are encouraged to take charge of your destiny
  • Time alone nurturing yourself in study etc will be of great benefit to you
  • Your will power will be vastly improved by finding balance between your inner masculine and feminine energies

Repeating Numbers In Multiples Of 3

As you are probably well aware by now, seeing repeating numbers is not uncommon. If you are seeing number sequences that contain repeating 3’s, then a period of enrichment and fulfilment is likely heading your way.

Repeating Numbers 333

The number 3 is all about creative expression. It is a number that represents positive changes. The types of changes that occur when you allow your inner creative energies to flow out into the world.

3 also represents communication. It guides us in the use of our energy when we have external matters to deal with.

The communication aspect of the number 3 can also help us to reinvigorate our relationship with life. It can remind us to be appreciative of not only the big things, but also the small.

The energy of the number 3 is playful, and so we are encouraged to contact our inner childlike imagination, wonder and curiosity.

It communicates the need for us to take a break from burdensome situations or ones that can leave us feeling drained of energy.

It’s telling us to separate ourselves from the world we live in, take a step back and re-energise our mind, body and soul!

Probably the most important aspect to the number 3 for many, is the fact that it represents a sign from the universe that by focusing on the things you wish for, desire and love, the things that will bring you joy, is now within your hands to manifest.

Having this ‘me time’ to manifest may very well put you into a deeper alignment with your life purpose.

Life Numbers

Numerology Number 3

The Birthing Of New Ideas

The Empress card in the Tarots Major Arcana corresponds well to the number 3 in numerology. It offers valuable insight when needing to work with the creative vibrations the number 3 and using them to your best advantage.

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 33?

  • The energies of numbers 3 & 6 are embodied within the number 33
  • You are encouraged to find balance between work and play
  • You next steps should be inspired joy. The number 33 encourages you to focus on the things you want.
  • By focusing on yourself, you may well manifest a prosperous opportunity

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 333?

  • The energies of numbers 3 & 9 are embodied within the number 333
  • You are being encouraged to share your creative talents with others
  • Deep fulfilment could be found in participating in humanitarian work, or simply by helping those around you, that are in need
  • The number 333 encourages small steps. These steps generally lead to bigger and better opportunities

Repeating Numbers In Multiples Of 4

The number 4 represents stability. It encourages us to lay solid foundations for our future security.

Repeating Numbers 444

If you’ve been seeing the number 44 or number 444, then the universe has something for you. It may be preparing you for the start of a new project or life phase.

If you have had the feeling insecurity, the number 4 is most likely being placed in your path by the universe. Noticing the number 4 is a way for the universe to provide you with encouragement and reassurance.

When new opportunities that will allow you a greater sense of stability are fast arising, it is common to see repeating number sequences that contain the number 4.

If you have had set backs, for example, in looking for a new job, the number 4 encourages you to keep looking. A new job may well be close.

The number 4 is also found within the realm of relationships. These relationships might be work related, romantic partnerships, or simply with family members.

If your relationships with others have been strained, the number 4 offers restoration. It can signal that an opportunity to fix and restore balance with others is on its way.

When trying to maintain a sense of stability, it is often crucial to stay grounded. Repeating 4’s may well be a warning to you for a need to adopt habits that will help keep you mentally grounded.

Relaxation, meditation and sometimes the simple act of reading can help those struggling to stay grounded. The number 4 reminds us that a little structure and ‘me time’ can go a long way to help us tackle, what can sometimes feel like, a battle.

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Numerology Number 4

Building a Personal Empire

Big or small, in some way, shape or form, we all tend to build empires around ourselves.

We tap into our inner ‘Emperor’ when we make choices that support our stability. We need to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

The Emperor Major Arcana tarot card corresponds directly to the number 4. It sheds light on how to work with energies in a grounded and practical manner.

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 44?

  • The energies of numbers 4 & 8 are embodied within the number 44
  • 44 is calling on you to take practical action on your ideas
  • You might benefit from taking the advice of others, but the ability to take action on your own merit, is well within your capabilities
  • The universe is signalling to you that your past efforts are paying off

Do You Keep Seeing The Number 444?

  • The energies of the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 are embodied within the number 444
  • An old idea may need reviving with a new creative spin
  • The best way for your ideas and successes to take root, is for you to stay grounded and balanced.
  • Staying grounded does not discount the need to be courageous or bold. Embrace these emotions and they may well lead to positive changes!
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Other Numbers of Significance In Numerology

In this article we have looked at the most commonly reported repeating number sequences. However, there are many other repeating number sequences that are also rich with symbolic meaning.

The world of numerology is vast, deep and complex. If you are, or have in the past, seen repeating numbers not covered in this article, be sure to check into its numerology symbolism. If you research it, you might find answers to your lifes questions!

As this website grows, every repeating number will be covered. In the meantime, see the graphic below that outlines in brief, the meaning of repeating numbers in numerology.

Other Sources Of Research – The Tarot

A great place to start trying to understand numbers is with the Tarots Major Arcana, because all Major Arcana cards and archetypes correspond with numbers.

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The tarot can sometimes offer a deeper and more in-depth analysis of the symbolism and energy of a number.

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